at Kailash International Retreat Centre

Enjoy a meaningful time in the mountains of Switzerland

Kailash International Retreat Centre is run by the kindness of volunteers. People like you volunteer their time to provide all of the activities at the centre, including all the classes, courses and special events. There are many ways you can support the centre and volunteering can be undertaken by anyone with minimal or no training.

Volunteering offers a special opportunity to:

  • Put the teachings and meditations into practice directly
  • Meet and work alongside people from all walks of life
  • Contribute to the smooth running of the centre
  • Help to bring inner peace to people throughout the world

What help is needed?

Administration & Education program tasks

Computer and technical support, organizing, distributing publicity etc.

Household tasks

Cooking, cleaning, preparing rooms for guests, etc.

Maintenance tasks

Construction, repairs, painting, gardening etc.

We are always happy for help. You don’t need special knowledge for a ‘Working Visit’. If you have special skills, we happily try to pay attention to that. You will get accommodation and three meals as an exchange for seven hours work per day.

Experience being part of flourishing Dharma in the world!

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