Retreat Centre In The Mountains

The Kailash International Retreat Centre (IRC), at 1502M above sea level, is situated high in the Wallis mountains on the sunny side of Törbel. The view up the Matter and Saas valleys is breathtaking, crowned by the 4000M Weisshorn mountain. This is an exceptional location for meditation and is an ideal place for all those seeking rest and rejuvenation. Kailash IRC belongs to the New Kadampa Tradition and offers wholesome conditions for those who wish to engage in shorter or longer retreats.

The Place For Meditation &Contemplation

The centre is a special place for meditation. Kailash IRC is comprised of two buildings sitting in the middle of ample greenery on a steep mountain slope.

The first building, Pension Goldbiel, was opened in 2008. It offers simply furnished, comfortable, bright rooms in sizes single, double, or triple, each with single beds. Rounding out the amenities are the sun terrace, tea lounge and peaceful library.

The meditation house, located a little lower down, was built and opened in 2016.  The entire building is a fusion of traditional Wallis style and modern Buddhism. Here you will find the new Buddhist meditation room. Immediately below the meditation room are modern, wheel-chair accessible rooms. Here also are the apartments designated for solitary retreats.

All meals are prepared from local and organic products and you have the choice of either vegetarian or vegan.

Meditating And Practising Together

Kailash IRC offers meditation courses and retreats for practitioners ranging from beginners to advanced. These are held by Buddhist teachers from all over the world. Everyone who is seeking inner peace is welcome, regardless of experience or religion.