NKT-IKBU International Festivals

International Spring Festival


The Power of Compassion

22 – 27 May

at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre, Ulverston, England

Buddha Vajrapani Empowerment and teachings on Compassion with Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab.

International Summer Festival


The Joy of a Kadampa Life

24 July – 8 August

at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre, Ulverston, England

Week 1 with Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong.
The Buddhist way of Loving Kindness, Buddha Amitayus Empowerment and teachings on The New Eight Steps to Happiness.

Week 2 with Gen-la Kelsang Jampa.
Essential Advice from the Heart, Buddha Green Tara Empowerment and teachings on Advice from Atisha’s Heart.

International Fall Festival


The Gateway to Highest Yoga Tantra

2 – 8 October

in Brisbane Australia

In this Festival Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong will grant the empowerments of the principal Deities of Highest Yoga Tantra – Heruka and Vajrayogini – and introduce their essential practices.

Meaningful holidays

The international Kadampa festivals are special courses taught by the spiritual director Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong and the deputy spiritual director Gen-la Kelsang Jampa.

The festivals include teachings and empowerments, reviews and guided meditations, chanted prayers and offering ceremonies, and retreats to deepen the understanding and virtuous minds of those at the festival.

Open to everyone, these international festivals present a wonderful opportunity to improve our experience of Buddha’s teachings. They also enable us to meet with Buddhist practitioners from all over the world, make lasting friends and share experiences with like-minded people.

Need help with travel arrangments?

If you’re interested in attending a Kadampa Buddhist Festival but you don’t know how to get there, do not worry. We are happy to help you with the planing of your trip. Please contact us via email (info@kailash.org) or phone (+41 (0) 27 203 22 22).

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