For Schools and Groups

We are pleased to offer guided tours of the Kailash Kadampa International Retreat Centre for schools and groups. These cover the Buddhist faith, Buddhist philosophy, as well as an explanation of our Buddhist shrine. A visit to Kailash IRC offers the opportunity to get to know what life is like in a Buddhist Centre, to meet Buddhist practitioners including monks and nuns, engage in a simple meditation and to freely ask questions in a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere.

The tours include the following topics, or they can be tailored by prior arrangement:

  • Group tours focusing on the imagery and symbolism contained within the Temple, a brief history of Buddha’s life and an explanation of how the Temple and its grounds are used by people seeking peace and spiritual inspiration

  • Practical explanation of how to meditate and the benefits of meditation

  • 15-minute beginner-friendly guided meditation that will give you a chance to de-stress and enjoy an experience inner peace

  • Discussion on how meditation and Buddhism relate to modern daily life

  • Question & Answer

  • Time to enjoy the bookstore, gardens and breathtaking views

We recommend 1,5 hours for a guided tour. During the break, we offer snacks and beverages.

For further information and to arrange your visit in more detail, please contact us via email or phone.

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