30th June – 20th July 2017
with Gen Losang Kelsang

Lamrim Retreat is a special opportunity to deepen our experience of the 14 meditations that are the condensation of all of Buddha’s teachings/presented by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso in How To Understand The Mind. By deepening our inner experience of Lamrim meditations, we can make our lives happy and meaningful, overcome our faults, solve our human problems, and ultimately find the pure and everlasting happiness of enlightenment.

Each retreat week starts on the first day with supper at 6pm followed by the introduction at 8.15pm and finishes on the last day with lunch. There will be several meditation sessions and one teaching/discussion session every day as well as a session with chanted prayers. During break times each participant helps with small jobs and there is plenty of time to go for walks and discuss the topics with other practitioners.
The retreat can also be attended by the week. Bookings for all three weeks have priority.
Part 1 : Friday 30th June to Thursday 6th July
Part 2 : Friday 7th to Thursday 13th July
Part 3 : Friday 14th to Thursday 20th July

During this course all participants observe silence in the morning until lunch. The library and meditation room are silent zones all day.

The course will be held in English, please contact us if you need translation.

Merit jobs:
Kailash IRC is a non-profit charity and the Retreat Centre, B&B and courses are all run by a few volunteers. Therefore it is common practice during an event at Kailash IRC that every participant helps with some jobs (e.g. chopping vegetables, washing dishes, tidying up etc.) and the final cleaning at the end of the course.

Practical information about your stay

Prices for the retreat

In the Temple (including course and meals) 1 week Whole 3 weeks
Apartment (with bathroom, toilet and small kitchen unit) CHF 960.- CHF 2700.-
Large Single room ensuite CHF 930.- CHF 2600.-
Single room ensuite CHF 900.- CHF 2500.-
Single room (with own sink) CHF 750.- CHF 2100.-
In the main house (including course and meals) 1 week Whole 3 weeks
Single room CHF 720.- CHF 2000.-
Twin room CHF 660.- CHF 1900.-
Triple room CHF 600.- CHF 1700.-
Quadruple room (you require sleeping bag) CHF 480.- CHF 1300.-
In the holiday house (including course and meals) 1 week Whole 3 weeks
Twin room with shared bathroom CHF 560.- CHF 1,560.-
Twin bunk room CHF 505.- CHF 1,400.-
Shared room (no sleeping bag required) CHF 390.- CHF 1,090.-
Course only (without meals and accommodation) CHF 300.- CHF 800.-

Bookings for the whole retreat cannot be reduced afterwards to a part of the retreat. For further information please read General terms and Conditions.